Some reasons to choose an EPC for a project include:

  • reduction of operating costs;
  • facility improvement;
  • outsourcing of non-core activities to focus on mission;
  • simplicity of having a single source provider;
  • dissatisfaction with traditional construction process results;
  • alternative source of facilities funding—budget relief;
  • access to systems experts and partnership with ESCO;
  • potential to focus on improving the quality of the indoor environment—indoor air quality (IAQ);
  • increase of the buildings energy renovation rate;
  • code compliance;
  • risk management;
  • potential access to capital;
  • solution to a specific need;
  • guaranteed performance for a long period;
  • value-based solution;
  • accountability over the term of the contract;
  • environmental benefits;
  • long-term increase of the building value.

Although some of these benefits are inherent in the EPC process, others will need to be expressly discussed with the awarded ESCO. Like all objectives, it is recommendable to discuss these openly with the awarded ESCO to ensure they are met.