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    According to the EIB Guide on EPC endorsed by EUROSTAT, an EPC involves initial capital investment in one or a series of measures (e.g. construction works, provision of equipment) designed to improve energy efficiency through reducing the energy consumption of existing infrastructure. It is, thus essential that we have:
    1. a capital investment,
    2. a set of measures to reduce energy consumptions,
    3. an existing instrastructure.

    By consequence, if the contract is based on energy management without capital investments, it is not an EPC and it is treated as a service.
    The capital investments must be used to reduce energy consumption, however an EPC can also include:
    • Ancillary equipments and assets to facilitate the delivery of the service provided under the EPC (e.g. monitoring equipments) and/or;
    • Assets that produce energy (e.g. RES) for consumption in existing facilities and/or sale to third parties. However, if such capital expenditures represents 50% or more of the total capital expenditures on the assets installed under the contract, the contract is not an EPC and the Guide will not apply
    If a series of individual measures are included, they are treated collectively.
    No minimum threshold of capital expenditures apply.

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