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    The Private partner must take all responsibilities for this phase; it has to be responsible for completing the construction and/or installation by a fixed date (penalties might be foreseen). It must take responsibility for obtaining permits and authorisations (save those that are not in its control) and for the performance of all its supply chain (designers, subcontractors, etc). The Private partner must commit also to tender the process for appointment of subcontractors and to their fair payments.
    On the contrary, the Authority has rights to monitor the progress and quality of the work and to require to rectify issues of noncompliance. If the Authority is entitled to share the financial benefit of the Partner incurring lower costs than anticipated, the EPC is automatically ON BALANCE SHEET for the government, since the general rule is that the Private must take the most of either the risks and the rewards.


    The training of the building users is crucial and should be part of the EPC installation phase. Role of the EPC facilitator should be to ensure the adequate training of the users and building managers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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