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    Specification and design can be led by the Partner (e.g. during a procurement process), or by the Authority itself before initiating a procurement process.
    In exceptional cases, EPCs envisage that the Partner might identify, specify and design some or all of the energy efficiency measures after the EPC is signed and typically gives the Authority the right to review, comment on or approve it.
    In all above cases, the EPC will typically make it clear that the Partner is responsible for ensuring that the design, construction and/or installation and performance of the EPC assets meet the standards set out in the EPC. It is very important that any comment or approval given by the Authority does not remove or reduce the Partner’s responsibility. Any risk that the Authority takes under the EPC for construction and/or installation, maintenance, operating costs and/or performance failures, that may arise as a consequence of developing, reviewing and/or approving the specification and/or design, does influence the statistical treatment and is an issue of high importance.

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