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    The EIB Guide does apply to contracts with a duration of 8 years or more. The reason behind is that the duration of the EPC must be sufficient to cover a meaningful part of the economic life of the EPC assets.


    It depends on the mesures and investments considered in the EPC and on who makes the investment.
    In case of EPC ‘service’ with very short pay back time mesures, 3 to 5 years are usually suffisant.
    For most important investments like insulation, the duration of the contract depends on the risk for the ESCO. If the ESCO is the investor, the duration must be based on the economic life of the assets and suffisant to reembourse the investment made. In case of investment made by the building owner, the duration can be shorter and more linked to the performance quaranty (5 to 8 years are considered suffisant to assume that the mesures are correctly running and that the performance guaranty is reached.


    Provided that the EPC will include measures both on the envelope and the systems of the building the pproject payback usually result to >10 years. The EPC duration will have to reach at least that period and possibly additional time following the warranty period of the equipment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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