Since EPC is primarily based on the investment approach rather than on the technical ability, trainings are composed of practical “hands on” working system on which everything is demonstrated. Each project partner demonstrated the scheme using the STEPPING EPC Simulation Tool designed by ENVIPARK. Composed by an Excel file it stimulates different EPC scenarios and evaluates the financial sustainability of a proposed EPC. It helps the user to understand how the EPC works, how many energy savings is possible to achieve, how long is the Return on Investment period, what is the value of the fee and which economic, financial and technical indicators are key to attract potential investors. Aim is also to support public authorities in better using resources available for renovation of public buildings. Among the many advantages, tool provides the possibility to save 5 different scenarios (result of 5 different EPC parameters combination and input data combination).

Tutorial video comes along with the tool, explaining EPC works, presenting the core outputs of STEPPING and giving instructions on how to use the tool.

Project SISMA SET and project CERtuS SE²T tools were demonstrated during the training events as a similar economic evaluation tools for helping local public authorities to better plan and prioritize investments in deep renovation of public buildings and to identify “lighter” tendering procedures.

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