STEPPING training packages include four educational sessions to be performed by partners for their parent institution, local authorities, national public institutions and to local professional or industrial associations.

Two training sessions will be organized as on-line tutorials at MED level in the framework of EU Procurement Networks and the communication activities of MED programme. Trainings will be based on slides, texts, videos, simulation tutorials and web games concerning EPC model application. All relevant material will be gathered and uploaded on the site.

“Each training consists of the following modules: 
  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminary Phase
  3. The Energy audit 
  4. Involving the local EPC market
  5. Detailed analysis Phase
  6. Estimation of investment needed
  7. Implementation Phase – Development of EPC contract scheme and tender
  8. Elaboration of tender schemes, contracts and specifications for the proper deployment of the pilots.
  9. Guarantee Phase”