Project partners performed the pilot activities of design investment plans for refurbishment of public buildings with EPC schemes.

With the support of external experts when necessary, technical and financial feasibility studies were elaborated through contacting local authorities owners of buildings and selecting those that are more appropriate for EPC implementation.

Energy audits were performed at building site with use of specific equipment and other data of investment plan concerns were collected.

Investment plans, designed on the basis of the methodology and forms elaborated in pilot testing activity, are released for each of the pilot, containing data useful for the launch of procurement tender targeted to ESCOs.


REGION OF PIEMONTE prepared three joint EPC investment plans for public buildings belonging to municipalities settled in provinces of Novara and Vercelli, as well as for offices and labs owned by the Italy’s national metrology institute, namely INRiM, with a seat in Torino. Financial, technical and energy feasibility study were done by the ENVIRONMENT PARK SPA.

National metrology institute – INRiM
Municipalities of Ghemme and Borgomanero – Province of Novara
Municipalities of Fontanetto Po, Lamporo, Palazzolo and Trino – Province of Vercelli


ENERGY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF MODENA prepared two joint EPC investment plans for public buildings, among which the first one was elaborated for buildings belonging to seven municipalities settled in the province of Forli-Cesena. The second one was prepared for municipalities which are part of the Terre d’Argine Union, Carpi and Soliera, in the province of Modena.

Municipalities of Bertinoro, Castrocaro Terme and Terra Del Sole, Civitella di Romagna, Forli, Forlimpopoli, Meldola, Predappio – Province of Forli-Cesena
Municipalities of Carpi and Soliera – Province of Modena


Business Support Center Kranj (Regional Development Agency) has been working with the Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska (LEAG) to promote and test the Energy Performance Contracting, as a tool for enhancing investments in energy efficiency of public buildings. Joint EPC investment plan was prepared for municipal building and health center in the municipality of Bohinj and kindergarten in the municipality of Tržič.

Municipalities of Bohinj and Tržič – Gorenjska region


Huelva County Council carried out energy audits in 15 schools within the province of Huelva (Spain). An adequate energy management tool was established to monitor, analyze and reduce energy consumption and consequently the CO2 emissions.

Public schools – Province of Huelva


The pilot implemented by the Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency included three schools and two governmental buildings with a proposal for their energy retrofitting and for the financial strategic planning.The investment plan seeks to achieve energy savings targets, upgrade of the indoor comfort and financial return on investment. Since there is no EPC regulation in force yet the pilot focused mostly on how to create an efficient tendering scheme for EPC projects.

Public schools and governmental buildings – Malta


Aegean Energy and Environment Agency focused its pilot activities to: (1) Three primary schools in the North Region of the Aegean Archipelago (Greece), in the Municipality of Fournoi, which binds together a group of small islands in the east of the Archipelago; (2) Hospital and two primary schools in the South Region of the Aegean Archipelago, in the Municipality of Kalymnos, which is one of the most populated islands of the Aegean with a high population density. (3) Technical School of Moudros in the North Region of the Aegean Archipelago, in the Municipality of Limnos; (4) Primary school, local infirmary, multipurpose hall and municipal hallin the North Region of the Aegean Archipelago (Greece), in the Municipality of Psara, a single island municipality with a few resources and limited investing capabilities.

Municipality of Fournoi – North Region of the Aegean Archipelago
Municipality of Kalymnos – South Region of the Aegean Archipelago
Municipality of Limnos – North Region of the Aegean Archipelago
Municipality of Psara – North Region of the Aegean Archipelago


Project partner AURA-EE from Rhône Alpes region (France) chose five schools owned by five different municipalities within a territory managed by the CAPI local authority, located 40 km from Lyon. Decision has been taken to use the existing local public society (SPL SARA) as a public ESCO for buildings energy renovation.

Municipalities of CAPI territory


In Portugal (North Alentejo region), the Investment Plan (IP) developed within the scope of the STEPPING project included 12 buildings under the responsibility of the 11 municipalities that comprise it. Energy audits were performed on all buildings in order to identify their energy consumption and the correct identification of energy efficiency improvement measures to be considered in the IP.

Municipalities of North Alentejo Region