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Treasury of the latest research studies, articles and presentations
on the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) application

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Tools, information and models to develop investment plans
for energy efficiency of public building stock in
line with the MED energy needs and market conditions framework

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Increasing knowledge and competences of MED
public procurers and market players on EPC
for public building.

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STEPPING EPC investment plans
and procurement tenders
for awarding energy efficiency works

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MED public procurers, including ESCOs and experts interested in Energy Performance Contract (EPC) application, MED organizations involved in related projects, this is a space exclusively dedicated to you. It was designed not only to help you building new business partnerships, exchange project ideas and update you on STEPPING project achievements, but also to animate you via training activities, discussion groups, posting and sharing recent development trends in the EPC and to allow the development of a true EPC MED community.

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